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Long lost

Autor: Coben, Harlan

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Harlan Coben`s millions of fans have waited three long years for a new Myron Bolitar novel and soon their patience will be rewarded in spectacular fashion. Myron hasn`t heard from Terese Collins in years. Not since their affair ended without explanation. He`s had no contact with her since, so her call catches him off guard. She`s in Paris, she says, in trouble and only Myron can help. Terese tells him a sad story she`s never before revealed: a good marriage, her struggles to get pregnant, the

happiest moment of her life when her only child was born, the day everything she`d ever loved was taken from her. As the years passed Terese heard nothing from her ex-husband, until the phone call that brought her to Paris. But on arrival, Terese finds her husband has been murdered, leaving her as a prime suspect. Then comes a startling piece of evidence that turns the entire case upside down, laying bare Terese`s long-buried family secrets in the most shocking way and leaving Myron nowhere to turn for help. Caught in a foreign landscape where nothing is as it seems, he must tear apart the city - and eventually the globe - fighting for answers to unfathomable questions that will take Myron, and Harlan Coben`s readers, where they have never gone before.Review: `Myron Bolitar is back - and then some. ****` DAILY MIRROR `A dramatic, exciting and scarily believable novel - and the millions of Coben fans worldwide will love it.` BELLA `Drum rolls and thunder - he`s back! After a three-year gap Coben has delivered the latest episode featuring one of the most captivating protagonists in contemporary Thrillerville... Oh, the heart-thudding brilliance of it all - the suspense, twists, and a climax so amazing that you might need a lie down in a dark room to recover.` DAILY RECORD `A scary story on several levels, as the thriller tidily - but never glibly - incoporates various twenty-first century controversies.` TIME OUT `Harlan Coben`s millions of fans have waited three long years for a new Myron Bolitar novel and now their patience is rewarded in spectacular fashion.` DORSET SOCIETY `A plot that fairly sizzles along... Just let yourself be carried along by Coben`s flow and you won`t go far wrong.`6 YORKSHIRE EVENING POST `Harlan Coben`s scores of fans have waited three years for a new Myron Bolitar novel - they won`t be disappointed.` MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS `[A] typically fast-paced but dark and bloody tale of family secrets and sinister organisations set in Paris and London.` BOURNEMOUTH DAILY ECHO `Harlan Coben thrillers are precision-tooled page-turners. If you`re looking for immediate immersion in a book that will not let you go until it`s done, then Coben`s your man.` LONDON LITE `Harlan Coben is one of the best thriller writers around. Check out his latest, Long Lost, a superbly funny yet ultra-riveting epic` HEAT

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Odpowiedzialność:Harlan Coben.
Hasła:Powieść amerykańska - 21 w.
Adres wydawniczy:London : Orion, 2009.
Opis fizyczny:374 s. ; 24 cm.
Powiązane zestawienia:Książki w języku angielskim
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Coben, Harlan

Urodzony 4 stycznia 1962 - amerykański pisarz, autor powieści kryminalnych. Zadebiutował w 1995 roku powieścią „Bez skrupułów”, jednak to wydanie thrillera pt. „Nie mów nikomu” okazało się przełomem w jego karierze i przyniosło mu międzynarodową sławę.


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